Salvemos a los Arboles
Everyone in my job at Hans Gildemeister's ranch, including work mates, tennis teachers, physical trainers, and many clients, were appalled of such insensitivity of the media and government.

I can now tell that no authority in my country answered my letters, and less to say visited me, in terms to ground check the effectiveness of my affirmations. I was totally ignored.

I began to spread the word about this good news wide open, but I had the sole answer of  the review "Vivienda y Decoraciķn" (22/11/1997), with a small chronicle of my letter "Good News".

Well, after ten years I am alive and well, thanks God.
I had to wait ten years, since 1998, to launch this website. That year I stumbled upon what I thought were great news, of global implications. For a better understanding, please check the link Background, letter named "Good News".

Regards Youth of Chile an the World!

Here's the response of one person who sent a letter to La Tercera Newspaper,  Fco. Sanchez Guzman.
Later, in 1998, came the news that provoqued a few headlines on local newspaper La Segunda, "a plague was killing the eucaliptus trees of the San Cristobal Hill, the biggest forested area in middle of Santiago".

It was my opportunity to send letters to all the media to tell them that in Hans's ranch that problem was already solved. I had two answers to this effort, an interview in Channel 4 RED TV and one interview in La Tercera Newspaper, by journalist Alan Rivera, August 4, 1998.

Due to the null attention paid to my affirmations by this pseudo scientifics in high political places, I imposed myself a project to probe it by my own means.

To all those people that saw me fighting for my cause in the past I can tell that I had not waned, I was simply waiting for the right moment to come back.

I now kindly invite you to visit my website!!!

When those same journalist went to interview the govenmental authorities in charge, they minimized the trees situation, and with respect to what I proposed, they said that there wasn't scientific background to my allegations.

At this moment I already knew that copper not only erradicated phoracanta from eucaliptus trees, but from all trees attacked by various plagues.

  • Nē 1 - Having private and public experiences, with pictures, video and witnesses that copper has no secondary effects on trees and produces fruit crops that are totally healthy and safe for human consumption.

  • Nē 2 - After a ten years test getting positive results, starting this website.
  • Nē 3 - Asking God for ten years more of life  to fulfill my commitment.
  • Nē 4 - Starting this website with a press conference with the widest possible public diffusion.
  • Nē 5 - Translate this pages to many languages.
  • Nē 6 - Start a foundation and becoming an active ecologist.
  • Nē 7 - If all things go as planned dedicating the rest of my life to the defense and health of trees.